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Life in Motion

May 9, 2010

Corban University to Redmond, OR to Washington D.C.

Life is full of transition (so I am told), but this seems to be an exceptional time of transition for me. As many of you know I just graduated last week (May 1) from Corban University with a Bachelor of Science Interdisciplinary degree with emphases in Business, Psychology, and Women’s Ministry with a minor in Biblical Studies. I’m back in Redmond hanging out with family and friends before I make the grand move to Washington D.C.

I recently accepted a job with, an all-partisan, non-profit organization. Their mission is stated on their website as follows:

“ makes democracy work better by investing in Millennial-driven solutions. Our theory of change starts with the individual citizen identifying problems at the local, state and national levels. Once problems are identified, citizens must engage in conversations searching for innovative solutions to the problems they have identified. seeks to take the individual actor past the deliberation stage, enabling members of the Millennial Generation to implement their solutions. Through the success of citizen-generated initiatives,’s end goal is to institutionalize citizen-generated solutions as a staple of American governance at all levels.”

I will be working as the Executive Administrative Assistant and part-time in program development. I was first introduced to this organization at the Ford Scholars Leadership conference in July 2009. It is so interesting looking back on this last year and seeing how God has really orchestrated events to bring me to this point.

I am grateful for where my life is and hopeful in the future that God has for me. I hope to use this blog to stay connected with those I care about as this adventure transpires. And I’m sure there’ll be a recipe or two involved as well :)

love, Em


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  1. Thanks a bunch for starting a blog so that all of us who love you can keep up with your adventures. Be sure to take lots of pictures and journal your thoughts. I look forward to many posts to come.Congratulations on your graduation AND new job!Many blessings to you dear one…

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