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I’m Here!

May 24, 2010
I’m busy settling into DC, but wanted to give a real quick update. I’m hanging out in a local coffee shop: Port City Java about 2 miles from the Capitol Building and just a couple blocks from where I am staying, mooching off their WiFi and sipping a coffee.

After a full day of flying on Saturday (Redmond to Portland to Denver to Baltimore), I arrived at BWI to meet my friend Leah and her fiance Ben at about 10:30 pm. We got up Sunday morning and ate at Honey Bee Diner outside of Baltimore near their home before we made our way toward DC.

From brunch we headed to DC! I think the closer we got the wider my smile grew. We entered the blue door with my 120 lbs of belongings into the house (smile getting brighter).
Left to go practice the Metro system. This really is a different world, but I think I will come accustomed to it rather quickly. We took the Metro to the office just so I’d feel a little more comfortable.On our way back to the house we stopped by the coolest kitchen store. I think I may have fallen in love (no, don’t worry, I didn’t meet anyone–I fell in love with the incredible store!) We then walked through Eastern Market (kind of like Pike’s Place). It is only a few blocks from where I’ll be living. Smile growing wider the more we walked! I bought some fresh produce to start off with, and I am looking forward to stopping by there on my way home from work to grab some fresh pasta and fruit for dinner.

The four of us (Faith, Ben, Leah and I) then went out for lunch/dinner. We went to Matchbox where I had the best veggie sandwich (mushroom, roasted red pepper, pesto, zucchini…incredible!). We drove by dozens of quaint restaurants, all of which Faith has been to. She gave us her quick little commentary on each of them. I have never been so excited to eat in my life (and you guys are aware of my food obsession just from the last blog).

After a delicious meal we returned home for a little sit down time. Then Ben, Leah and I explored the area a bit in order to find a place for me to safely jog in the mornings. We then stopped by CVS where I spent way too much on some essentials, had to pay sales tax (boo!) and as we got ready to step outside there was a torrential downpour and no umbrella/rain coat. I must admit I didn’t mind one bit. We walked out to a warm downpour. Loved it :)

Returned back to an evening of unpacking. Still in need of pictures and hangers for my clothes. I love my little space.

I was exhausted by 8:00pm, went to bed in order to wake up at 1:30 am completely alert. Reverse jet lag maybe? Definitely felt the full emotion of “Oh my, did I really move across the country and leave the people I love behind?” While much of my heart resides in Oregon, I see and feel great purpose here in DC. I am grateful, nervous, but mostly grateful. I’ll try to keep the updates coming. Thank you for your prayers and support :)


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  1. could this be any cuter?? (also, i love that you talk about food, all the time. Just proves that we're friends :)

  2. Your little space is so cute! I hope you're getting settled in more and more each day! Do you have skype?? I miss you sweet girl! love you!

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