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Live Like You’ve Always Dreamed

May 26, 2010
Do you ever have moments where you feel as if you are living the way you always dreamed you would? I doubt that anyone is ever living life exactly the way they desire to in every aspect. There are moments, mere blips in time where my heart, soul, spirit, mind, and body align and I am overwhelmed by the simple peace of being who I am. Maybe these are my semi-philosophical moanings for the time being, but I think in the midst of everything brand new I am soaking in these moment in time where I feel as if I am who God created me to be.

One of these moments occurred here at Port City Java

just a couple blocks from my new home. I was trying to update my blog, acquaint myself with the area (thank you, google maps), and continue to educate myself on my new job when a woman apologetically interrupted me to ask about my MacBook Pro. I enthusiastically welcomed the conversation. Come to find out when she graduated from college she moved to DC from California to work for a small non-profit (about 30 years ago). She lived on Capitol Hill as well, and has been back in California for years. She is in town for work and is wanting to make headway on some projects in which she seeks to provide avenues to move past our partisan politics to find the common interests. (Sounding quite familiar to my job’s philosophy!) She and I briefly chatted about how the bipartisan battle seems to be a pretty common complaint mostly among women. We moved on to talk about the importance of using the rapid technology innovations in order to communicate these causes (Hello?! That’s what is all about!). She had to make it to another meeting so I quickly scratched out’s website and my e-mail address. Maybe a connection for the future? Maybe not. But it was one of those moments in which my smile widened, my heart grew, and I was grateful. I was living life as I’ve always wanted to. What a sweet afternoon–sipping coffee with my wonderful MacBook and meeting Erin, a delightful stranger with a common passion.

This morning I woke up at 6:00 am (my favorite time of day), spent some time thinking, praying, reading and drinking coffee. By 7:00 I was off for a jog. Yet this was not any jog, this was a jog up toward Lincoln Park and then back toward the Capitol Mall. Yes! This was my view:

Incredible? I know :) I think my smile beamed and my heart swelled within me. I was probably the happiest jogger out there (you usually don’t see sweaty people running and smiling) It was beautiful. I continued toward the Washington Memorial before turning around. and instead of coming directly home I went a few blocks further down to Eastern Market (the place kinda like Pike’s Place that I mentioned previously–its like a farmer’s market). I purchased an apple and some soy milk (no, I won’t tell you for how much I spent because that part still irks me, especially after shopping at Winco for the last four years). I came home, cleaned up and munched on my freshly purchased breakfast while sitting in the back patio, surrounded my plants and chatted with Faith. It was simple, it was right, it was peaceful. Again, I felt as if I was living and being exactly who God created me to be in those moments.

There were many moments especially today that I felt sheer peace about who I am and where I am. They were probably more obvious due to the onslaught of insecurity and nervousness I am also experiencing. Ya know, being a small town girl in the nation’s capitol, riding the Metro by myself (I did it!), getting off the Metro headed toward my office but taking the wrong exit- -this was not a big deal, but still didn’t want to look like I was lost (just had to walk around the block). I also had a kind man let me know that I had something on my face–apparently I touched something dirty and then decided to scratch my face–that’s embarrassing. As I walked down K Street, not dressed in business clothes, I felt oh, so out of place, but was comforted to see the other tourists in jeans.

Then I found Borders and looked at way too many books that I want to read and decided to purchase C.S. Lewis’ The Weight of Glory. I then sat in the coffee shop area to check e-mail for work, with my book nearby–and again the peace of being, the peace of just trusting swept over me again. As I’ve started to write out these thoughts I’ve noticed a common theme: coffee. Ha. No, I don’t think it is coffee or the caffeine that provides this peace (especially since it was a coffee-free Borders experience), but it may be the act of being that often occurs when you stop to sip on cup of coffee. I don’t know. Just thoughts. None the less I am grateful.

Just to brag a little, I spent the rest of my afternoon walking the Capitol Mall. It was beautiful! There were about a zillion school tours going on! Man, those kids have no idea how incredibly fortunate they are to be able to go on field trips to the different memorials and museums. Instead you see boys teasing the girls they like, or teenagers plotting plans to build a house in the big wide open field (14 year old boys are weird). I get it, though. I would have probably been doing the same thing. But, wow, what an opportunity! I also saw a Navy Veteran being wheeled around in front of the World War II Memorial by a young Navy Seal. Melted my heart. Made me so proud to be an American. Maybe that young man loves Jesus and I’ll meet him at church next week? ;)

My heart is full–living life as is by His grace and in His peace.


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