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May 31, 2010
I have successfully completed my first week in Washington, DC!

[Me, nervous/excited before leaving for my first day of work]

I’ve also had my first day of work, my second day of work, and my first weekend in DC. As well as my first metro ride alone, my first walk to Safeway (1.8 miles round trip) to buy groceries a tad less expensive than at the market, my first (second and third) DC cry (hey, we all knew it was coming at some point) and my first time to church in DC (only two blocks away, pretty sweet).

Capitol Hill Baptist Church, real descriptive :)

I am again reminded at how much I love to write, but at how horrible of a blogger I am. I mean, my first day of work was on Thursday and I’m just now starting to blog about this on Sunday night. I have a few excuses (or one all encompassing one): I hit the wall. It hasn’t even been a month since I graduated from college, and I’ve already packed and unpacked my belongings three different times (packed to leave Salem, repacked to store things at my parent’s house, and then packed again to move to DC). Before that I had finals, my thesis project, a zillion other presentations…so I think that last time I fully “rested” was Christmas break. Today after church I was trying to read on more of the history of and still after a full 8 hours of sleep last night I couldn’t keep my eyes open. I reverted to elementary school and took an hour long nap, was woken up by my dad’s phone call and an awful sore throat. I hate the feeling of being sick, but I can endure the discomfort so long as I can function fully. Mostly I hate how debilitating a stupid cold can be. I’ve not-so-fondly referred to my bouts of illness as “forced rest.” I mean, I’m in Washington DC for Memorial Day weekend and I’m cooped up in my room sipping on tea and hot soup while trying to keep reading in order to relieve a portion of the new-job-overwhelmed feelings. Using many, many post-its, Sharpie pens, and legal pads to stay organized (I do love office supplies!)

Ok, ok, I think my excuse for not blogging just turned into a rant. But I really am irritated at how little I am able to do of the long list of things I would like to do. All that said, among the many firsts I am experiencing, I, for the first time, realized how easily work can = life. I’ve heard it a lot, and I expected it–but I just never truly experienced it until now. At least with school I would turn in the paper and never think about it again (I know, that’s a horrible student thing to do, but we all do it). I’ve also realized in a new way how incapable I am. I am well acquainted with my many shortcomings, but its as if I had finally climbed to the top of the stairs just to look out and see vast openness. Life got a lot bigger. I became a lot smaller (a lot!). Yet God’s promise to give me wisdom and provide a straight path gave me security, peace, and hope. As I peer into the vastness of life that lies ahead, I am so grateful for Him. :)

Here we are at 10:40pm, I’m needing to go to sleep soon and I still haven’t updated you on my job. I really like my job and I really like my co-workers (double really’s there, it should be convincing). I work in a really nice building (have to use a fob to even use the elevators). Maya, the CEO and my boss, referred to our organization as the “red head step child” in the building. I think she’s onto something there. One of my co-workers has graciously e-mailed me about ten different articles about “things to do in DC” and “how to eat on the cheap in DC” and I still haven’t had a chance to go through all of them. I am becoming well acquainted with gmail and Google calendars as well as the organization as a whole. I think my brain is a little on overload with, so I hope that tomorrow I’ll wake up and be a better blogger without a sore throat and will actually tell you about work. For now though, know that I like my job, life is good, and God is greater.

Good night :)


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