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Extreme Routine

June 15, 2010

I have an extreme personality. I do not naturally gravitate toward balance. I would claim that I have learned a remedy that works quite well for myself–routine. (Yes, I can even be extreme in my routines, but its the closest I can get to balance) So here I am…writing two blogs in one day. Yup, this is the extreme side of my personality showing itself–I am will admit that I in full force, fueled by the love side of my love-hate blogging relationship.

In order to actually keep a regular blog I have implemented two criteria:

  1. When I really want to share something: BLOG.
  2. Sundays: take time to reflect: BLOG.

This morning you experienced #2: Reflecting on Sunday morning, thus, my routine personality. Right now you are experiencing #1, “I really want to share”/“I am still hanging out on the love side of my blogging relationship,” thus, my extreme personality.

After my lovely time blogging this morning I spent a little time at Eastern Market in the sticky heat. Then walked. A lot. I really need a pedometer, it would be a “fun” experiment. I went to the National Museum of American History with about a jillion tourists. Seriously, listening to tourists is h-i-l-arious. I kind of want to take a tape recorder some day into a museum–what a psych experiment that would be. I think Rich Meyers would appreciate it. I spent very little time with the tourists and therefore spent very little time in the museum. I saw the Star Spangled Banner exhibit–wow. I was overwhelmed by our country’s history and brought to tears of gratitude for having the opportunity to live in the United States and even more to experience life in DC. I feel very privileged. I then snuck down to the bottom floor to see Julia Child’s kitchen. :)

If only everyone could have disappeared, I would’ve liked to put on an apron and bake. I’d let me mom and Julia take care of the cooking aspects of the meal. Then the three of us would eat and talk of life and food. Then Donna and Cathy would join us for pie.

Instead I snapped a few shots of Julia and her kitchen on my Blackberry through sweaty tourists and sent them to my mom. It was still grand.

This blog is already getting long and I haven’t even gotten to the part I wanted to share! I went to Grace DC church near Chinatown with Dave and Maya this evening. I loved it. Simple as that. It as great. As we were about thirty minutes into the service I was at a point of overwhelming peace and gratitude. I was was being, and being overwhelmed by the grace of God and how He has orchestrated my life. It was as if the He used the piano, the violin, the architecture, the sunlight, the people I was sitting next to–all to say, “I have orchestrated your life for such a time as this.” I do not know what lies in front of me, but I do know what lies behind me. I have lived 22 years in His care. There lies behind me a trail of His faithfulness and love. I take great assurance in who He has revealed Himself to be in my life and in His Word.

I feel as if I am authentically living life as is. And it is good. Reflection is good–especially when it leads to praise! Psalm 103

After church I headed home on the metro and just two blocks from my place I realized the woman in front of me looked familiar–she had served me communion. I contemplated whether or not to speak up, but “clumsy/blunt” Emily was victorious and asked. She recognized me. We chatted; turns out she lives on the same block as me! We exchanged numbers so I plan on meeting up with her this week.

I feel taken care of by the Lord. This weeks i going to be pretty crazing for as we prepare for the website launch on Wednesday and preparations for the Outdoor Nation Summit in NYC. Oh, did I mention I get to go to NYC for the first time this weekend? Three day summit in Central Park with Millenials discussing ways to be good stewards of the environment. Stoked! Livin’ the dream.


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  1. I am truly loving your blogs, Emily . At some point in each one I literally say out loud, Wow! In this most recent one, that moment came when you mentioned meeting the woman on the metro … the one who served you communion! It is a great joy to share in the amazing discoveries that are part of your days, and hear about how you are trusting God in it all!warmly,Lee Ann

  2. what happened to short, n sweet posts? At this rate, you're on your way to a novel :)Love it though

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