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Running + Reflecting, Walking + Wondering

September 4, 2010

Yes, I wake up at 5AM every morning to go for a run. And yes, I choose to take the long walk home after work. But I have a few reasons and these picture, I believe, will prove my point precisely. The thing is that they are all via Blackberry, so quality is irrelevant, but the awe inspiring and wonder they invoke is undeniable.

Just to give you a taste of my life. This is how I say “Good Morning” (and Good Night!)

These monuments, they just get me. Its in a different way. I am an outdoors girl–I could sit outside in the forest, near a river, besides a lake, amidst the mountains and be content. For hours and hours and hours. I love Oregon, I love the Cascades. I love walking (‘hiking’) through the wilderness and running toward the Mountains. Yet this is a whole different kind of beautiful; it gets me in a similar way. I don’t know what exactly it is–the history, the architecture, the story. That’s probably it. Its the story.

I find myself thinking about story often. Sometimes on my morning runs, but most frequently as I walk. I think about my story and how it fits into this larger narrative of humanity. I find myself praying that God would direct me in a manner in which my life would be a window in the greater narrative of God’s reconciliation. Pastor Kersey, at Corban University, often quoted Kevin Vanhoozer, explaining that the Christian Life is “improvising with a script.”

The Korean War Memorial is currently my favorite. Yes, it is the one with all the statue soldiers, and not to sound irreverent, but they kinda freak me out. The part of that memorial I love is the most peaceful, calm fountain inscribed with “Freedom Is Not Free.” It gets me. I do not completely know why sometimes. I’ve found myself on occasion sitting there, staring at it. Reading it and rereading it. I am overcome with emotion. I watch the people. I wonder about their story. I wonder if their family was touched by this war. I wonder what my place is in this whole realm of freedom. It moves me. I often think that it is the magnitude of sacrifice that touches my heart in a powerful way–man’s sacrifice for the liberty of another. Its so contradictory to the selfishness that resides within my heart. I can’t help but be brought to wonder of the sacrifice Jesus made for me. I am reminded that indeed “Freedom is Not Free.”

I continue to ponder: where is my place in this narrative of freedom and reconciliation. Thus I run, I reflect, and I walk, I wonder. I think those are reasons enough for my early rising and scenic route home.


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  1. Karissa Griggs permalink

    Emily! I just read this blog although I have not read all of your other ones. I should so that I know what is going on with your life. I saw you got an apartment which is way exciting! Can I just say that a 5 am run is rather inspiring. I miss you :)

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