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Life: East Coast DC Style

September 10, 2010

Blog Disclaimer: Now that I’ve finished this post, I feel as if it needs a Table of Contents

  1. “Restoring Honor” Glenn Beck Rally
  2. White House Tour
  3. Apple Picking in Maryland
  4. Rachel and Bri’s NYC to DC Visit
  5. Blog Post + YouTube Appearances

Ok, now I feel as if I’ve minimally prepared you for what lies ahead in this post.


So I’m biting the bullet and I am going to straight up provide an up date on the last two weeks. Typing that is so strange as I head into another weekend–I am continually amazed at how quickly my days go by. I do feel as if I’ve completely lost my concept of time…or maybe this is just that whole growing up part. Do you remember when spring break felt like a year? And summer break an eternity? Well, those days are far behind me. On my walk home from work yesterday I rattled off to my mom everything I had planned between now and Christmas and…goodness…Christmas is right around the corner! I am, of course, looking forward to being back in my mom’s kitchen, frosting sugar cookies, and mixing up some caramel corn for my Grandpa (and Grandma, of course!). But I’m trying to pull back the reins and be present. Trying to be wise in looking ahead, but choosing to embrace the moments I am living right here, right now. I still am constantly seeking to be, to be me, and live life as it really is. While seemingly simple, it is quite a task for a striving dreamer like myself.

Back to this straight up life up date.

These last two weeks seem (to me anyway) to encompass a few key aspects of DC (and East Coast) life. So…two weekends ago was the Glenn Beck Restoring Honor Rally.

To be honest with you (realllyy honest with you), I didn’t know anything about it. I don’t have TV right now, so I have slacked on my news consumption (news: something I’d rather hear than read). At work on Friday a few of my co-workers were chatting about it. And again to be really honest with you, I figured Glenn Beck was another conservative extremist Rush Limbaugh type. Maybe some still say he his. With little background and my anti-bi-partisan, skepticism I decided I was going to check out this rally on Saturday morning. So I did. And for this morning, I am leaving my reflection/semi-formed opinion out of this blog post and saving it for another day. But the photo above is the thousands of people surrounding the reflecting pool. I do not care who you are, what you believe, or the purpose of the rally–there is something quite amazing about so many people gathered in one place, at one time, for one purpose. Even more so, this can happensat our Nation’s Capitol–we, in the United States of America, have the liberty to do so. That is quite overwhelming. Almost as overwhelming as my Saturday afternoon after the Restoring Honor Rally…

We toured the East Wing of the White House!!

In one word: WOW.

In a few words: oh…my…goodness!

In a few more words: I think I could stomach living there for 4 to 8 years. And I will say something that my 8 year old, becoming feminist, self would never have uttered–I’d rather just marry the future President, I do not want to be the President. (I feel like I need to explain–I am not a feminist in the politically correct, socially acceptable, somewhat extremist manner–but at 8 years old, I could’ve turned that corner quite easily). But I do want to read Jane Austin or Augustine or C.S. Lewis while sitting in the green room sipping a cup of tea, looking out the window at my children playing in the grass. Yep…I’m dreaming…but I already warned you about those tendencies.

Real quick: I loved the pictures of the Presidents and their dogs. Love them. And I just really,really, reaalllyyy want a puppy–or just a big, ole chocolate lab that is lazy, calm, and cuddly. And that would still play frisbee and go on runs with me. Ok, now I’m really dreaming. Moving on, above is a picture of me in front of the White House and  below, one of the staff (minus Peter, he’s cool and at Georgetown Law now)

Love them!

After making it home from the White House. Mr. and Mrs. Ben and Leah Weybright and little Zack (my pal) picked me up to spend the night with them in Maryland so we could go apple picking! That is exactly what I loved about this weekend. I had a mix of city/politics/WHITE HOUSE/country all wrapped up in one. It was a lovely day–blazing hot–but lovely. On our way to pick apples I belted a duet, Don’t Stop Believing, with a 7 year old wailing on his air guitar. Gotta love those simple moments. Just love them.

And apples (clearly):

And then I made it home in time to collect myself, head to church, and hang out with new friend, Allen. All in all, good weekend. Began the week with a refrigerator full of apples and dreamed of making apple pie, apple bread, apple crisp, apple sauce…and truth be known all I’ve made is apple and peanut butter.

Then…worked for the week. It flew by. As usual. Oh, now that I think of it, I did spend a few of my evenings down at the Mall, surrounded by the monuments, reading. I realized that soon the sun will be setting earlier and evenings getting cooler. As much as I am not a summer girl, and I am greatly anticipating Autumn’s return, I need to soak in these last few evenings down by the Monuments.

Then my first wave of visitors began (Rachel/Bri  9/4, Kelsey 9/24 and Parents 9/30)! My roommate form last year, Rachel, who now lives in NYC came down for Labor Day weekend with her roommate Bri.

One word to sum up their visit: blessing. We had great conversation, ate great food (yep, I have recipes to share!), and walked (a lot). I don’t have a very good concept of distance (almost like my concept of time). I think everything is closer than it is so a few blocks turns into a half a mile, which turns into a mile, and so on. We were able to enjoy the monuments, hit up Eastern Market, Bus Boys and Poets for lunch, and (count them) TWO picnic dinners! I love picnics. Especially when they are in front of the Capitol Building. Their last evening in DC we enjoyed our final picnic on the Capitol lawn and listened to the National Symphony Orchestra. It was incredible. Below is my attempt at a photo on my Blackberry:

From the concert we made our way down the Mall to enjoy the Monuments at night. And as much as I love the Monuments on my AM runs, they are magnificent lit up at night. Below is the fountain at the WWII Memorial:

And Oregon…I miss you…

And to no surprise, after Emily’s DC walking extravaganza, at midnight we were tired. If you look really, really closely you see that we tried to capture the Washington Monument behind us. And yes, I’m totally sporting my CorbanU sweatshirt. This was the first time in DC I’ve actually been able to wear a sweatshirt! Love it.

With a few hours of sleep, Rachel and Bri left the next morning. I then headed to work. Any holiday that I can work at the moment and use vacation time later–I work. Saving up those days for my return to Oregon in December. With a whole lot of caffeine in my system I determined to organize and inventory our file cabinets. Below is just a small piece of the madness I created in the office. Lets just say, it was a good thing I did this when everyone else was out of the office. I pretty much took over. But now it is organized, inventoried, and color coded. Hopefully I don’t have to think about it for awhile.

After a few busy weekends and always busy weeks, I began my work week on Tuesday with a cool morning run:


Just a few more updates and I’ll call this a completed post. With our upcoming Target 2020 “My Education. Our Future” Summit happening October 22-24th in Charlotte, NC, I had the opportunity to write a blog about it for the Points of Light Institute’s Hands on Blog. I thought I’d just share that with y’all here:

[Click on the Photo]

Also, a few weeks ago when I was taking the scenic route home from work alongside the Reflecting Pool, I ran into Allen, new friend and Executive Director of Future Civic Leaders. He and a staff member were recording a video, and I so happened to make a 0.5 second appearance. They did a great job (its hilarious). Check this out. And play “Where’s Emily?” (Almost like ‘Where’s Waldo?’ in case you missed that craze)

I believe that is as complete of an update as I can manage (or that I think anyone other than my parents can commit to reading). More updates to follow as I enter a new weekend.

Goal for this weekend: Put my dreams on paper. Organize some thoughts. Reflect on these last few years. Embrace the life that God has blessed me with. Unplug. That’s right–unplug from internet, blackberry, etc, etc. This sounds so good, I’m  not sure that I’ll return on Sunday. :)

Oh, wait, I am a true tech-savvy (sort of), multi-tasking, Millennial–its only fate that I return to the plugged in lifestyle (and its sort of my job…)


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