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Entering the Holiday Season

November 26, 2010

I am entering the 5th hour of my journey on a BoltBus between DC and NYC to spend Thanksgiving with one of my college roommates. I feel as if I am on the brink of entering the holiday season from the movies. Think about it though, almost every great Christmas-time film has some connection to New York City. There is just a different feel to the holiday season in the city and I am in love… (with the city for those who need clarification). Which means I will probably need an entirely new blog post for this NYC trip. Therefore I will attempt to give a brief life update.

Since our Target 2020 Summit in North Carolina, life has slowed down just a bit.  Just enough to feel manageable again. I feel as if I’ve finally found my routine in the city and can really start building and investing my life in the things I love. Just weeks after the Summit, I had the opportunity to go to West Virginia with my church on a retreat in Capon Springs. I knew going into the retreat that a few things would happen: 1. My Blackberry wouldn’t work 2. I would get to be in the woods, see stars, and autumn colors 3. The friendships I had begun to develop would grow 4. I would meet new, wonderful people 5. I would be encouraged in my relationship with the Lord. And to no surprise, that was my church retreat. It was lovely.  (Twice now I began to write about what we discussed during the retreat, but I’m going to stop myself before this “update” becomes a mini-novel again. I’d love to share. So let’s chat sometime).

At the retreat I connected with two girls who love to hike as well! The following weekend the three of us conquered the Billy Goat Trail in Virginia. Yep, that’s right, the B-i-l-l-y Goat Trail. Check out this picture, I think you’ll understand it’s title:

We had a wonderful afternoon and it just felt so good to be away from the bustle of the city for a bit. It makes me enjoy the city that much more when I get chance to step outside of it. I am definitely a girl that needs both—at least for this time in my life.

Now I am entering the holiday season…last weekend I was a tourist for an afternoon, and spent some time in the Botanical Gardens. It was the first Christmas tree I’ve seen in DC so far and, of course, poinsettias. Don’t they just declare the Christmas season! (love them!)

Yesterday I attended the Macy’s Christmas windows unveiling.  This definitely felt like “city-like Christmas.” There was a marching band, elves, Santa (of course) and many children. Honestly, the best part was walking through Macy’s completely decked out in Christmas décor. But the part of me was totally discontent. Santa and “his helpers” kept reiterating the need to “Believe.” Just believe. Over and over again. In this postmodern age, I think Santa is literally the only one left who can say “Believe” or “I need to you to believe” without the liability of a lawsuit. Kind of made my heart sad that materialism is the one god that can be publically encouraged to our children.

Ugh, this is kind of a depressing life update. Again, when the parts of my life that are most compelling to me at the present are hidden within my notebook, I think I have a difficult time truly pouring myself into an update on my blog. I almost feel like I’m not being authentic by just telling you a few things that I’ve been doing. And not necessarily what is shaping my being. But these are just a few of the ordinary parts of my day that I wouldn’t be a part of if I was not in the place I am in at this time of life.

For that I am grateful, among so many other things. Including the fact that I am driving through the Lincoln tunnel, about ready to see NYC. (near the 7th hour of this Pre-Thanksgiving Day journey).

Love this city.


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